What to expect at CrossFit Eta

Here are a few things you can expect at CrossFit Eta:

  1. You can expect to be treated as an individual. We want to help everyone reach his or her goals and we make sure that happens right from the start.

  2. You can expect a supportive community around you. Everyone at CrossFit Eta supports the lifestyle change you are making, wanted to see you succeed, and believes in what you are doing.

  3. You can expect to experience a lasting lifestyle change. We are all about long-term health and we know you can truly change by committing to the process with us.

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Find Your Place

Becoming a part of a family moving towards better health and improved quality of life.

Our Members

Our members make who we are. Each person at CrossFit Eta brings something special to the atmopshere.


CrossFit Eta is guided to create a family-friendly atmosphere based on values and results.

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“Everyone is always so encouraging. For someone like myself that never really worked out doing stuff with weights and a bar, I was able to much easier knowing I could come to class not worrying about embarrassment or what others would think. It’s such a fun place to work out and everyone goes the extra mile to be friendly.
— Tarrah Lott
“You guys were much more personable. I felt like I was treated as an individual and my needs were taken into consideration.”
— LeRoy McJames
“I love the positive and encouraging environment. I truly look forward to every workout.”
— Karie Holmes

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