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Chasing Excellence Summaries

Forward & Intro

Chapter 1: Commitment

Chapter 2: Grit

Chapter 3: Positivity

Chapter 4: Embrace Adversity

Chapter 5: Confidence

Chapter 6: Maximizing Minutes

Chapter 7: The Process

Chapter 8: Control

Chapter 9: Turn The Page

Chapter 10: Humility

Chapter 11: Competitive Excellence

Chapter 12: Clutch & Epilogue


Accountability vs. Access

Core to Extremity

Enjoy Excellence: How To Look At The Open

Eta Programming & A Shift In Programming

Hero Week: Why We Do It

I Need To Get Better At _______

Just for J 5K

MCI - Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity

Meet Our Massage Therapist: Natalie Myrick

My Job Is Physical, Why Do I Need To Work Out?

Post Open Strength Cycle

Post Open Thoughts

Protect The Asset

Remembering To Play New Sports

The Purpose Of Competition In CrossFit Class

The Purpose Of Scaling


Thriving During The Holidays: Training

Video: Why train in the heat and why hydration matters

What Should A Rest Day Look Like?

Who Really Cares About You?

Why Coaching Matters


Addiction To The Scale: Why It’s Hurting You

Building A Fitness Pyramid Part 1

Building A Fitness Pyramid Part 2

Building A Fitness Pyramid Part 3

Building A Fitness Pyramid Part 4

Building A Fitness Pyramid Part 5

Does The Week Really Start On Monday?

Finding Time Or Making Time

Goals (and how to reach them)

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Health Investments

Looking Back To Go Forward

Moving The Needle From Sickness To Wellness To Fitness

Remembering To Live A Little

The Big Idea

The Difference Between Success and Progress

The Generational Affect Of Health Habits

The Slippery Slope

Using Momentum to Change

What I Learned From Climbing Windom Peak

What To Do When Testing Is Over

Where Do You Find Results?

Why Changes Stick In Groups

Your Change Is Unique

Why Did We Define Our Core Values? And What Are They?


Better Substitutions: Fiesta Style

If Food Is Your Boat

New Year Campaign: An Appeal For Nutrition

Now That Thanksgiving Is Over

Nutrition Challenge 101: First Things First

Nutrition Challenge 101: Meal Prep

Nutrition Challenge 101: Tips and Tricks

Nutrition Challenge 101: What Now?

Nutrition Challenge: Why The Zone?

Nutrition: Where To Start?

Omega-3 Fats: Essential For Your Health

Protein: The Building Macro

Sourcing Quality Meat

Strauss 1 lb. Challenge

Strauss Direct & CrossFit Eta

The Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

Thriving During The Holidays: Nutrition

You Know What Week It Is (Holiday Eating Strategies)

What Does Food Even Do For You?

What To Do Now That The Nutrition Challenge Has Ended

Where Do We Start With Nutrition?

Video: How To Successfully Diet And Keep The Weight Off