You know what week it is...

This week is Thanksgiving.

Most likely, you will be somewhere with a lot of food. Even more likely, you did not choose, prepare, or have a say concerning most the food involved.

We know the holidays bring nutritional challenges of themselves. We will be invited to many functions at which many of those participating do not share the same values as us.

Does this mean we get upset at them? Absolutely not. We will not change our situation, or the views of others, by criticizing.

What can we do? We can go in with a plan.

Much like the approach to the grocery store, we must have a course of action when we know many parts of the pie (pun intended) are not for us.

If I had to pick three things to focus on, I would hone these three tactics down:

1.       Double up on the meat. By eating additional meat, you will be eating additional healthy fats, which in turn will keep you more satisfied. Bonus: take some leftover meat home with you so you get a head-start on next week’s meals!

2.       Wait 5 minutes before you go for a second helping. The body adapts. Just like the body adapts to training stress, the stomach adapts to intake. If we keep taking in, the stomach will accommodate and continue to allow us to eat more even though we have had enough. So instead of hopping right up for additional food, wait until 5 minutes after you finish your first plate to get a second one. You might be surprised how full you feel.

3.       Prepare a dish that benefits others. We cannot control what else is there, but we can have an impact overall if we fix something in line with our values. Even better, we can help others break the “eating healthy tastes bad” stigma. So, when you are asked to prepare a dish, find a compliant recipe for your item and help others improve their quality of life.

These three tactics will help you regardless of which holiday meal you are going to. Thanksgiving is a big one, but is the beginning of many.

Also, make sure to take home some of that leftover meat and toss it in the freezer so you can be ahead!