Now that Thanksgiving is over

๐Ÿ“ธ: @chuttersnap

๐Ÿ“ธ: @chuttersnap

Nothing changes. 

You heard correctly. Just because a significant holiday or date is here does not mean we change our approach. 

As we move towards other holidays and the all-famous New Year, we need to remember two things.  

First: we are the sum of our actions. We are what we repeatedly do, and our outcomes are the evidence of our habits.  

In regards to food, we will yield outcomes based on how we eat. Not just how we eat once, but how we eat over time.  

When you look at your nutritional practice, look micro and macro. Look at the daily decisions you make, and what circumstances you thrive in and which ones you submit to.

In light of the daily observations, look bigger, like weekly and monthly. What events throw you off? What habits help you be more consistent during the week? What are the larger actions that have greater daily influence?

We tend to beat ourselves up when we make one poor daily decision. We also will excuse a poor daily decision, too. Either way, we need to step back and look at what led us to that moment. Did we not have food prepared? Did we plan for our day to unfold one way, but unexpected events put us in an entirely different situation? Did we run out of prepared food? Did we need more food than we thought we would?

Each answer is individualized, but the principle is we are the outcome of what we repeatedly do. To change habit, we have to look small and big.  

Second: things can change.  

Regardless of what the current situation is, the situation can change. It can progress and regress.  

The choice is yours, and how you choose to think will most likely reflect the type of action you take.  

We can say, โ€œI feel like it will never change.โ€ And it wonโ€™t.  

We can also say, โ€œI need to change.โ€ And it still wonโ€™t.  

Or we can say, โ€œI will change.โ€ And it will.

Taking responsibility and changing starts with how we say it, and the process continues through action followed by action.  

Today, realize your actions are the ones leading you to where you are, and say, โ€œI will change.โ€

Donโ€™t wait til January.