Building a Fitness Pyramid Part 1

A pyramid is a very strong structure. The design allows the base to support all levels above. As long its the base is sure, the pyramid can be built as tall as the base allows. The larger the base, the taller the pyramid can be.

The pyramid is an excellent concept to bring meaning to our health and fitness. We should focus on building a strong base, and add effort into the next largest level as we build. Our goal should always be to maximize the base and improve each subsequent level.

When approaching fitness, we typically make exercise program the base of the pyramid. We believe "working out" or "training" will have the largest effect on our desired changes.

Our Western Culture mindset tells us to add more, do more, push through, and do the work, and then the results come. We apply this idea to our health and fitness. "I need to work out more." "I need to run more." We add more physical activity to improve health and fitness.

Physical activity is important and necessary, but we need to put the most effort into the most effective base. The truth is nutrition is a much larger base than training regimen.

What we eat directly influences how our bodies operate. We can do all kind of stuff with our body, but without proper fueling, we will not get the best adaptations we can get. Specifically, we need the right amount of food, the right types of food, the right sources of food, the right timing of food, and the right supplementation for deficiencies. 

So focus on dialing in nutrition. Here are 3 easy tips to build a better base of nutrition:

1. Eat protein at every meal - most Americans eat too little protein to sustain their bodies. Protein is important for maintaining tissues, and even more important when adding extra stress to muscles. By feeding the muscles, we optimize the growth of muscles, which improves the ability to burn calories. 

2. Eat something green 3 times per day - green foods have many micronutritents, especially iron and fiber, which are lacking in typical American diets. Without those two micronutrients, our bodies do not metabolize well. Go for the Greens!

3. Drink enough water - without enough water, our bodies cannot metabolize properly. Certain processes, such as conversion of fat to energy, are slowed in a dehydrated state. Shoot for half of your body weight in ounces and spread it throughout the day. 

Now we have established the base, we can talk about the second tier of our pyramid. Next week, we will discuss Metabolic Conditioning and why it should be the first part of our training regimen to address.

Thank you for reading this far and letting us help you Become Better!