Introduction to Mobility

We have heard the word "mobility" used before, and in different contexts. In the context of the gym, mobility concerns the ability to get into positions for movements we train. The larger picture concept of mobility concerns being better prepared for life.

Our focus on mobility will relate to movements in the gym, but the movements we perform in the gym translate to improved quality of life outside of the gym. Improving movement in the gym will always better prepare us to live our lives more optimally.

We will be talking about ways to improve movement and find what works best to do so. As we go through different movements, restrictions, and concepts, we need to remember these 4 things:

1. Tension is a good thing

2. Tension in the wrong place is a bad thing

3. Determining what is needed is ALWAYS the best approach

4. We all need basic things

Looking forward to walking through this and helping you Become Better!

Jonathan de Friess