Building a Fitness Pyramid Part 3

We have set the priority with nutrition, followed by metabolic conditioning. Now, let's add the next block to our pyramid.

Have you ever noticed how elderly people typically need assistance moving around? They struggle to move their bodies through space. This is a loss of gymnastic ability.

When we hear "gymnastics," we think of Olympic Gymnasts and the sport of gymnastics. Gymnastics, in its most basic concept, is moving the body through space. We need to be able to control our bodies in order to move through space.

The nature of fitness shifted through the golden years of body building, and an emphasis on isolation grew into mainstream health and fitness culture. Body builders need to isolate and develop specific muscles. This emphasis created a need for isolation machines and equipment specific for developing muscles in isolation. 

Fast forward 40 years and most gyms are equipped with machines geared towards isolation exercises. Isolation exercises are good for muscle development, but fall short for developing balance, coordination, and global strength. 

At CrossFit Eta, we love training on our feet and using the ground for equipment. We love hanging from rings or pull-up bars. We love using objects to move around or over. These movements develop our ability to control our bodies and move through space.

Gymnastic control and strength are lost over years of prolonged sitting, poor posture, and lack of challenging bodyweight activity. The less we move our bodies using our bodyweight as resistance, the less gymnastic control and strength we have.

Your body is a powerful unit when trained to work together under control. Training simple bodyweight movements, including push-ups, pull-ups, dips, handstands, burpees, and variations thereof, will dramatically increase your gymnastic strength and control.

What is the ultimate benefit? Prolonged quality of life. You will be able to take care of yourself and remain independent much longer if you possess the ability to control and move your body through space.

Once we establish good nutrition practice, challenge metabolic conditioning, and build gymnastic control and strength, we can add to our pyramid by using resistance, more commonly known as weightlifting and throwing.

Thank you for reading this far and letting us help you Become Better!