Building a Fitness Pyramid Part 4

After improving nutrition, developing conditioning, and learning gymnastics, we can add weightlifting and throwing into training. 

Weightlifting here means moving weights in compound movements. The movements with the best stimuli are the deadlift, squat, clean, snatch, and jerk.

These movements create a powerful response and cause great adaptation in the body. Whenever we train these movements, we train groups of muscles together in coordination and get quite a bit of stress. When we recover from the stress, the body becomes stronger, more resilient, and more fit.

Throwing means moving load via rotation. Whenever we use the body in a rotary way, we connect muscular systems on opposite sides of the body to improve force production. Rotation training directly influences any other training modalities.

As we work our way up the pyramid, we require more instruction. Learning conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting, and throwing involves observation and correction over time to create the best response.

Having a coach to guide through the learning process will always give the best adaptations. Having a coach give undivided attention through progressions will yield even better results.

At CrossFit Eta, we value the coaching process. We desire to see our athletes move safely, consistently, and then efficiently. We utilize 1-on-1 training for this purpose. During 1-on-1 sessions, we can watch intently and create changes through focused attention and the current level of the athlete.

What is on the top of the pyramid? We will talk about that next week!