Building a Fitness Pyramid Part 5

The peak of our pyramid is Sport. Many exercise regimens are sport-centered, meaning the sport is the foundation upon which all other dynamics are placed.

In CrossFit, we use Sport as the expression of the lower blocks of the pyramid. Once we have fueled our bodies properly, conditioned the metabolism, built gymnastic control and awareness, and increased response through weightlifting and throwing, we can perform Sport much better.

Sports offer more unpredictable events than a training environment. We can now see the enhanced respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy expressed via the requirements of sport.

As we build our fitness. we should regularly endeavor to challenge our fitness in the domain of sport. It tops off our fitness by filling in the stimuli from unpredictable live events.

The great example in the world of CrossFit is the CrossFit Games. At the Games, many events are created to be new and unseen. Some have implements or tasks never before used at the Games. The Sport of Fitness is tested to the greatest degree by the unknown and unknowable at the Games.

For us who are improving fitness for quality of life, we should often try new things and challenge those things learned in the gym. You might surprise yourself with what you can now do!