Your change is unique

Last week, I discussed how we are looking for change (read here). We are looking, or at least desiring, to see changes in areas of our lives. We observe certain ways or standards we currently operate with and see others we prefer. 

When we recognize this change we wish to see, we need to do so objectively. We must recognize how our change is unique: we come from different places and encountered vastly different life experiences. 

We often fall prey to comparing ourselves to others and others' situations. We match up our current circumstances and place them side-by-side with those of others. We then connect the dots from our poor circumstance to the great circumstance of others.

We do this because we, as people, are envious. We desire what others have. Envy will drive us to believe others have the exact thing we need to be fulfilled. Fulfillment could be success, position, fame, comfort, or other characteristics we are searching for.

Directing our lives with envy has a tragic consequence: we are not individuals anymore. We are moved by the aspirations, dreams, and work of others. We no longer have a unique identity, but rather have an identity covered by the characteristics of another.

So remember, change is unique. You have a unique set of circumstances inextricably connected with a unique persona. Your journey is yours. Make sure it stays that way.


Jonathan de Friess