Remembering to Play New Sports


When we train in the gym, we are utilizing a structured regimen designed to create all-around fitness for any participant. Regardless of skill level, CrossFit will improve your fitness and make you better able to do life.

Sports are an interesting piece of training. When we play sports, we are using preset rules and conditions to play. For example, playing basketball requires a 84'x50' court along with boundary lines on the court to dictate out of bounds and scoring. We also use rules to control play and create as much fairness as possible.

The difference between training at CrossFit Eta and playing basketball is this: during the basketball game, we cannot predict or determine exactly how the game will unfold and how we will be required to move. When we play sports, we have to move, react, and adjust to the environment as the game goes on.

A high school basketball game is four twelve-minute quarters. During that 48:00, we expect the boundaries and rules to be enforced, but we do not know how many points will be scored or what it takes to score those points until the game is over.

In CrossFit, we see the workouts, and we may not know exactly what the outcome may be, but we are familiar with the movements and how we will approach them. In Sport, we know the rules and boundaries, but we do not know how much we will have to run, jump, slide, move side to side, or get up and down. Those develop during the actual game. 

This unpredictability adds to the benefit of training at CrossFit Eta. The improved strength and metabolic conditioning are used in a new way, and the body further adapts. In essence, the gains made in the gym improve the stimulus of playing in the sport.

Plus, sports are fun. Whether it is basketball, football, Ultimate Frisbee, golf, racquetball, Spikeball, Wall Ball (game, not the movement), softball, baseball, tennis, badminton, a Spartan Race, or many more, sports create a fun environment to move and compete towards a goal. Plus, movement is much more fun when the body is stronger and better conditioned.

So get out and play new sports. Have fun and enjoy the new level of fitness CrossFit has brought. We may find we feel much better than the last time we played!