Eta Programming & a Shift in Programming

A Shift in Programming

Noticed some changes around the gym? We’ve been gearing up the last few months for this announcement and how to best serve our clientele. Rearranging the gym, getting rid of the turf, creating an open gym area, and now a shift in programming! Starting this coming Monday, July 31, we will be gearing our general group class programming to better fit the needs of our members. That’s not to say we have been purposefully providing the wrong information and the wrong workouts, but we know we can always be better and this is the next iteration of that. The shift in programming will allow everyone the opportunity to improve their conditioning, skills, strength, and general fitness in a more focused way by allowing the ability to scale up. This may sound silly at first, but if we increase our focus at a more general strength, skill, and conditioning level, there are some people in the gym who could be left wanting more. And that’s what this blog is about. It is my goal when I program to write the best workout that is applicable to both the 5 year CrossFit veteran and the 1 month newbie all at the same time. I know that we’ve had Eta Performance workouts posted on the board over the last month, but those have really just been teasers for what is to come starting next week. Before you stop reading thinking this is just for the meat heads and those wanting to be competitors, read all the way through to see how this affects and will help you improve your fitness too. Welcome to Eta Performance!


What is Eta Performance?

Eta Performance is a program designed to improve the strength, skills, and/or conditioning of the general CrossFit athlete who is wanting more out of classes. Eta Performance builds upon regular group class by adding additional workouts and training to regular CrossFit Eta programming in a way that it will complement, but not interfere. The intention is for the athlete to attend regular group CrossFit class and then do the Eta Performance material before, afterwards, or more preferably, in a separate training session that day, though we obviously understand schedule limitations. While there will be extra work programmed every day, it is not necessary to do extra every single day. The programming is designed in such a way that athletes and members can pick and choose which days of extra work they would like to participate in based on their current fitness goals and aspirations.


Who is Eta Performance for?

Eta Performance is not necessarily for everyone, but everyone can adopt some portions of the extra workouts. For those already coming to class 4+ times per week and still feel like they want more, then adding in an extra workout or two per week can help you access the next level of fitness gains. If someone wants to get stronger overall, then they would be encouraged to come on the Squat and Deadlift days. If someone is already happy with their strength but needs work on their gymnastics and general conditioning, then we have days for that too. Or, if someone just wants general overall improvement of their fitness (work capacity across broad time and modal domain) but has a limited schedule, simply pick out two days per week to do some extra work. This program is designed to cater towards the needs of the CrossFit athlete and regular gym-goer alike while still aligning itself with the regular group classes at CrossFit Eta. And hey, if you are someone who is wanting to compete locally or have a dominant performance in the CrossFit Open with goals of making it to Regionals, then invest your time in all this extra work, including the mobility/recovery sessions, and see where it takes you! Eta Performance can be adapted for any and everyone who is wanting to get better.



First and foremost, Eta Performance is designed to be extra. That means more than what you are currently doing. Since we prescribe 4-6 days of training per week to our members, Eta Performance should be performed on top of that. Starting July 31, we will be going through 6 week cycles with slight changes for each of those 6 week blocks, but the main themes and days will stay the same. In general, each day of the week will stick with the same movement or conditioning style:

Monday – Snatch and Back Squat

Tuesday – Gymnastics and Conditioning

Wednesday – Deadlift and Push Jerk

Thursday – Rest and/or Mobility & Active Recovery

Friday – Clean & Split Jerk and Front Squat

Saturday – Body Building, Structural Work, Strongman, and/or Odd Objects

Sunday - Rest

This isn’t set in stone, but the next 6 weeks will follow this pattern. We will also be writing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday extra workouts all at once on the Open Gym whiteboard for Monday, then Thursday, Friday, Saturday will be up on the board all at once on Thursdays. Additionally, workouts will always post the night before on the website and Zen Planner app at 8pm. This way, the power is in the hands of the athlete to prioritize your own time and schedule to maximize the benefits of extra training. By seeing the general schedule, an athlete can choose which portions of extra work they wish to do.


Eta Performance vs. General Fitness

CrossFit Eta is a strength and conditioning facility tasked to improve the overall fitness of its members. That is our number one priority. In every instance, the needs and wants of the general group CrossFit classes will come before those of Eta Performance, but there is still so much that can be done. There will be a slight change in the way workouts are written on the website, whiteboard, and the ZenPlanner app but it will be self-explanatory. Those who are following Eta Performance, it is your responsibility to check the website for your version of the workout. Let’s use August 28th as an example. Because of where it falls into the strength cycle for Back Squats, the Eta Performance prescription is 5x5 Back Squat @70/75/77/77/77% and the group CrossFit class’s prescription is 5x5 Back Squat @60/65/70/70/70%. This isn’t because EP is stronger or different, it is because EP will be in their 5th week of 5x5 Back Squats and the group class will be in their 3rd week of 5x5 Back Squats. The metcon for that day is from CrossFit Regionals 2016. 104 Wall Balls then 52 Pull-ups for time. The Eta Performance followers will do 104 reps then 52 reps, where the CrossFit class will do 78 & 39 reps. Other times, EP will do heavier weights and what we are calling “Fitness” will do lighter weights. This does not mean a decline in standards from the regular class! There will be the same standard for Rx, but think of the Eta Performance level being Rx+. There will be notations on the whiteboard to know which weight or skill level prescription will be for which group.


Final Thoughts

Eta Performance is extra. Extra weight during a metcon, extra lifting session after class, extra distance on your pull-up (aka the chest-to-bar), or extra distance during a run. It is designed so that the fitness enthusiast can work out next to and simultaneously with our other members. Our main priority will still be for the group CrossFit classes which are designed to facilitate all levels of fitness. The only thing Eta Performance will do is add a little weight to a metcon to make it more challenging for those who need the challenge as well as provide all our members with options to improve their fitness in the Open Gym area. We are really excited about this change as it’s something we have been working on for a few months now including the reorientation of the gym. We hope everyone can find the benefits of Eta Performance as extra work that is over and above their normal training plans through CrossFit Eta.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, direct them to Coach Mike via email at or just ask in person! We are more than willing to open up and have a conversation about how we can help you to #BecomeBetter.

-Coach Mike