Hero Week: why we do it

At CrossFit Eta, the week of July 4th is "Hero Week." Over time, CrossFit HQ has produced workouts in honor of fallen troops and public servants. These workouts, called Hero WODs, are meant to challenge us mentally and physically. We will do a Hero WOD each day this week.

Today is July 4th, more often called "Independence Day." We celebrate the freedoms we experience in our country and remember when we broke from Great Britain. When we broke from the tyranny of England, the Founding Fathers gathered to create a systematic way of operation to secure and maintain freedom in our country. Through the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Amendments, we have guidelines for operation of a free country. 

But Freedom has a higher cost. The breaking away from tyranny is an ongoing process. Right now, men and women are across the globe, serving this country. Those men and women are fulfilling duties to the US and working on the behalf of all people in the US. These men and women are members of the US Armed Forces.

Those who serve in the Armed Forces made a unique decision. When we move about in our lives, we make decisions throughout the day concerning what we are doing and where we are going. Those in the Armed Forces made a single decision to serve our country, and as a result, forfeited many of their personal choices in order to fully commit to the defending and upholding of the US.

When we workout, we choose to endure whatever it may be. This week, as we do these Hero WODs, we remember those who have given away personal choice in order to fully defend our rights and uphold the Constitution of the United States. 

Our sacrifice is small. Their sacrifice is great, and many have made the ultimate sacrifice: many have given their lives so we may enjoy ours.

God Bless America.