The Purpose of Competition in a CrossFit Class


I hear a lot of people say CrossFit does not appeal to them because they don't desire to be competitive. As a result, I want to talk about that a little bit.

CrossFit is unique because it's a sport and training methodology.  What we do in a class could very well be used somewhere in a competition. The movements, the standards, the clock, all of those things transfer to what the sport looks like. So I see why one could easily look at CrossFit and only see it as a competition.

CrossFit is much more than this. Yes we use a clock to track our times and we use movement standards to make sure that we are doing adequate reps, but we are promoting much more than wins and losses.

We are promoting an effort greater than that which we would normally do by ourselves. Competition is unique because it inspires us and pushes us beyond the limits we draw for ourselves. I am willing to endure more in a class than I am while training by myself.

Really, what we are talking about is a positive environment. The group dynamic creates a desire to perform beyond ourselves. So really, the competition is with ourselves. Our current selves against the self we are trying to become. That self is a healthier self. 

Chronic disease is a real thing, and we need to avoid it at all costs. Competition in a CrossFit class helps us avoid it. And even more, it helps us thrive by Becoming Better. Our ceilings raise and we see we are far more capable than we thought. The best part? We are stronger as a result.