Thriving During the Holidays: Training

Christine & I dropping into CrossFit Telluride while in Colorado on vacation this summer.

Christine & I dropping into CrossFit Telluride while in Colorado on vacation this summer.

We all know that more is happening, our schedules fill up, and a lot of us will be traveling in the coming months. It can be harder to make it to the gym during the holidays and it can certainly be hard to eat right as well. Next week, we will talk about tips to keep your nutrition on track, but here are 3 ways to continue to train when you’re outside your normal routine of coming to CrossFit Eta!

  1. Drop into a CrossFit Affiliate - There are over 14,500 CrossFit affiliates worldwide, and we are just one of them! In you’re out of town and need a place to workout, head to to find an affiliate close to you. Most gyms are very welcoming of guests traveling just as we would be to someone visiting our area. To be as courteous as possible, look up class times and be prepared to show up 15+ minutes early in order to sign a waiver and meet the coach. It might even be best to give a quick call or shoot an email to let them know you’re coming. If you have a bunch of options and need help picking out a gym, ask one of your coaches to help you look.

  2. Workout in your hotel or home gym - If you’re on the road, whether it’s for business of pleasure, most hotels have some form of fitness facility. While some are better than others, I would say almost all at least have some Dumbbells and some form of cardio equipment. You guys know the workouts we do in class. Grab a dumbbell and do a couple rounds of goblet squats + a run on the treadmill, knock out some burpees + overhead presses, throw in some sit-ups, push-ups, planks, or even pull-ups if they have a bar. I always do AMRAPs when I travel, that way I know there’s an end. Pick something simple, set the clock on your phone to countdown from 15 minutes, then hammer out as many rounds of 15 Goblet Squats, 10 DB Presses, & 5 Burpees as you can! If your imagination is still struggling with ideas, you can always look at what we are doing here at CrossFit Eta and try to do the dumbbell version. You can usually get pretty close to the style of workout we are doing in class. And of course, if you need some help, just ask one of your coaches!

  3. Workout on your own - This is is so overlooked. I know traveling is tough with family and being on someone else’s schedule, but you can always set your alarm 15 minutes earlier in the morning and knock out something quick. When I stayed at my parent’s house one Christmas, I remember doing a 15 minute workout on the floor in the room of 10 Air Squats & 10 Push-ups while I was waiting for the shower to open up! No warm up, no heavy lifting, nothing complicated, just set a clock and go! No matters where you are, you can always find room to do some burpees and jumping lunges. Trust your imagination, set the clock for an AMRAP, and even see if you can get some of your family involved to do the workout with you. Bonus points if you can get it on camera and posted to social media. Tag us if you do!

The bottom line is that I want you guys to just move every day! Doesn’t matter how much, or how intense, or how heavy, just find a way to challenge yourself. If you can get a little sweaty and a little bit out of breath, that’s a win. I promise that you’ll feel immensely better each day, your stress levels will be a little more even dealing with all the craziness the holiday season brings, and you won’t feel as bad when you do get back to CrossFit Eta class because you’ve been keeping up! It even might offset some of poor nutrition decisions you might be tempted to make…

But I know you’ll make good decisions after a few tips from Katrina in next week’s blog on How to Stay on Track with your Nutrition through the Holidays!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year,
Coach Mike