Looking back to go forward.

Have you been thinking about 2019 yet?

Photo Credit:   @kallek

Photo Credit: @kallek

I know I have. I think I have twenty things I want to accomplish next year.

We like the “blank slate” concept. We like knowing we have another chance or a new opportunity.

Time does not work like that.

2019 is simply an extension of 2018. When the ball drops in its various time zones on December 31st and January 1st begins, nothing really changes. Monday simply becomes Tuesday.

The lure of a new year is the ability to forget the current year.

Progress slows when we utilize a plan with no connection to the past.

We will always progress better when we evaluate the past in coordination with planning for the future. This is true 100% of the time.


Because we are able to ask what worked, what did not, and then adjust our course.

For example, if we did not hit a personal goal, we must first ask why?

Was the goal really big? Did we genuinely need more time?

Was there a lack of focus? Did the goal not get the attention it deserved?

Did we take the wrong approach? Did we focus on emotions and excuses or did we try to develop habits through a plan? 

These questions are accurately answered by looking back and adjusting how we move forward.

So, if you are looking to make changes in 2019, first look back at 2018.

Take an honest inventory of what went well and what you wish was different.

Then, go forward.