I need to get better at ______

When we get into CrossFit, we enjoy the variety in the workouts. 

Along with this variety come the desire to learn more and learn faster.

Normally, we think, "I want to get better at ______" after a workout during which we do something we want to improve at.

When it comes to improving movement, we have two basic categories: strength and skill.

Over time, both of these will increase. Coming to class four to six days per week will result in both increased strength and greater skills.

If we want to improve more quickly, we need to go through progression. Both strength and skill development require progression. 

Progression means taking a desired outcome and breaking it down into steps. Through steps of development, we can drill skills or challenge strength adaptation over time, eventually creating a change in how we move or what we can move.

If you notice the need for specific progression for certain skills or strength development, we can help. "Prescriptive Gym" is for this exact purpose. We take what you want to get better at, create a progression for you, and give you a way to track your progress.

These progressions will only take you 30 minutes once or twice per week outside of class attendance. We will also prescribe the best days for you to complete the progressions to ensure you are getting the most out of class and your progressions.

If you think "I need to get better at _____," we are ready to help!