Impressive Women: Danielle Spruill

CrossFit Eta has a lot of impressive women. This is one of their stories.


Danielle came to the gym to get ready for a Backstreet Boys Reunion concert in Las Vegas.

When she got started, she was consistent and worked towards her goal. At first, she wanted to lose 20 pounds. She ended up losing 35 pounds.

If you ever spend any time around Danielle, you will find out she is competitive. She is super nice and fun to chat with but put points on the line and watch out.

Danielle has placed highly in every nutrition challenge we do at the gym. When she has a target, she goes for it. She does everything she can to move towards a victory.

Danielle is a Child Life Specialist at Cook Children’s Hospital. She has been there for 3 years this December. When you see her, make sure you ask about the lip sync videos of her department.

Danielle is very supportive of what we do, along with what anyone else is pursuing.

Thank you for supporting us and going all in, Danielle!

Jonathan de Friess