Impressive Women: Christine Wilson

Impressive Women: Christine Wilson

CrossFit Eta has a lot of impressive women. This is one of their stories.


I have known Christine since the spring of 2014. I was actually her and Mike’s Dupree for quite some time. Whenever I would come to Texas to visit, I was their permanent third wheel.

As I have gotten to know Christine, I see someone who is extremely hospitable. Whenever I would come and stay, she would always make sure I felt included. She would treat me as another individual when I was with her and Mike, and never made me feel like I was interrupting.

I mean, they did take me with them to look at their wedding venue and sample the food. Pretty cool, right?

Christine still has the same hospitable spirit. She introduces herself to any new person in the gym. She opens her house up for events and get-togethers. She is someone who is very considerate to the needs of newcomers.

Also, she is strong!

Christine has developed so much in the gym since I have known her. She is determined when she trains, and she is consistent with her efforts. She uses accessory work to improve outside of class as well.

I specifically admire Christine’s approach to training.

In her mind, she accepts that things are hard at some point and chooses not to allow those thoughts to diminish her efforts. At some point, the bar gets heavy or the heart rate goes up. In those moments, Christine chooses to accept those conditions rather than allow them to stop her or slow her down.

Christine, you are a great asset to the gym and I am thankful to have you as a friend!

Jonathan de Friess