Impressive Women: Karie Holmes

CrossFit Eta has a lot of impressive women. This is one of their stories.


Karie and I first met through the Wise Chamber of Commerce. I am pretty sure she told me something like, “I could never work out at your gym.”

Over time, we saw each other at various events. Then, earlier this year, we did the 12 week Sweat Challenge at 5 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Karie decided to give it a try and signed up.

Once starting, Karie came consistently every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She told me she would try her hardest to be civil at 5am. She held up that bargain.

After the Sweat Challenge ended, we decided to have a CrossFit Class at 5 a.m. Karie was in at this point. She wanted to continue with the changes she experienced during the Sweat Challenge.

Since starting CrossFit, Karie has given immense effort and is seeing the fruit of her efforts. She feels better and notes many instances where her new level of fitness helps her complete tasks for work and around home.

Karie is a continual learner. She always wants to improve and is eager to give her effort each day. She also feels a little out of place when she must miss class.

Karie, we are grateful to have you in the gym. Your desire to learn and effort both add to the value of CrossFit Eta!

Jonathan de Friess