Impressive Women: Shena Kirby

CrossFit Eta has a lot of impressive women. This is one of their stories.


Shena is our longest attending member. She has been with us since April of 2016. She lived right beside the first gym location and knew she needed to get into something to improve her health.

Shena is an example setter in our gym when it comes to attitude.

Shena is committed to effort every time she is in the gym. She never lets what happened to her during the day affect her attitude when she is the gym. She focuses on the task at hand and chooses to look at what is going right instead of what is going wrong.

Shena is very steady. She exhibits a lot of self-control and is fun to be around. She encourages those around her and spends time developing relationships with all members.

Shena, you are a valuable asset to our gym. Thank you for your contributions to the community and for being awesome!

Jonathan de Friess