Strauss 1LB Challenge



Earlier in 2018, Strauss Direct launched a campaign called the 1LB Challenge and here at CrossFit Eta, we are partnering with and supporting this challenge as well! The basics are to commit to buying (and eating) 1LB of American born and raises, grass-fed, grass-finished beef each week. This lines up directly with Strauss’s mantra of “Better for for the animals. Better for the earth. Better for you.” A lot of this we have already discussed over our previous weeks’ blogs as well as the mission of Strauss, but this week we are committing to 1LB of American born and raises, grass-fed, grass-finished beef.

I just want to copy and paste an entire document off of the Strauss website because their words say it better than mine, so rather than attempting to put it into my own words, attached at the link below is PDF outlining all the health, environmental, and cultural benefits this challenge promotes. Follow the link to find out how it’s better for the animals, better for the earth, and better for you!

Strauss Direct 1LB Challenge

As we’ve talked about a lot this month, we have partnered with Strauss to get you a discount of 30% OFF your first order (use code AOZC65QIY6JK at checkout) here. But there are other places to get high quality meat that meets (get it?) these standards. I know that Central Market in Southlake sells Strauss brands for all their grass fed meats from the butcher. If you go to your local grocery store, there are options, you just need to read the labels! Talk to the butcher at your local grocery store about American born and raises cattle, grass-fed and grass-finished beef, as well as pasture raised chicken or other meats. Open up the conversation in your house, with your friends, at the gym, and become aware of we can all shape our environment by committing to a higher standard in the agricultural industry.