Enjoy Excellence: How to look at the Open.

The Open is here.

Last night, Open 19.1 was announced and thousands worldwide tuned in to see what this weekend entails.

The CrossFit Games Open is a five-week event. Every Thursday at 5 p.m. Pacific Time, an event is released. These events are really workouts you might find at any CrossFit Affiliate. Each event is scored. Over five weeks, participants’ placings are totaled to create their worldwide rank.

The Open is used to seed for the CrossFit Games. Though the structure is slightly different this year, the Open is where we get to see high-level athletes compete for an opportunity to go to the Games this summer.

The CrossFit Games has become an amazing event. The following is grassroots and loyal. What is now an evolving sport was at one time a bunch of people trying a new way of fitness and throwing down together.

To say we look forward to the Open every year is mild at best. Many of our fondest memories of our early CrossFit years come from the Open.

Over time, we have enjoyed sharing this excitement with our members.

Some may say, “I’m not competitive,” or, “I’m not going to the Games.”

Well, I’m not going to the Games either!

The Open is bigger than a qualifying event for the Games.

Currently, our world is looking for convenience and ease. When we look to complete tasks, we typically search for the easiest way which also requires the least amount of effort from us.

I’m all about efficiency. I never want to do more than I have to.

Excellence, however, has a different cost.

Excellence requires actions outside of our current comfort zone.

In the words of Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right!”

When we are dissatisfied with our current situation, we tend to look at our situation. The last thing we evaluate is our own actions.

We do live in a sowing and reaping world. Whatever we do, we will get back. 

In order to reap excellence, we have to sow challenging situations. 

The Open challenges every person who participates.

In order to qualify for the Games, athletes have to push extremely hard, doing these events two or three times over four days to secure their best result. The cost for qualification is time outside of their comfort zone.

Games athletes, however, make up 0.001% of Open Participants. 

What about the other 99.999%?

Ponder thus: When was the last time you did something you knew you might not be able to do what was asked of you?

Whenever we evaluate what we do, we naturally avoid failure.

So, when we experience a crossroads in our life, we will analyze how the choices, however many, affect our well-being. We will normally attribute failure as a negative or a strike against our well-being.

In the Open, we will all experience a point when we are unable to do anymore or do a specific movement.

If we know we need to volunteer for challenging situations to be excellent, then why not do the Open?

Tim Ferris believes success is correlated to the amount of hard conversations one is willing to have in life.

What about the conversations we have with ourselves? When it comes to challenging ourselves and having hard conversations with ourselves, what do we say?

“I wish I could __________.” 

“So-and-so has it easy.” 

“I’m never going to____________.”

“I can’t_________.”

These questions would indicate we have an attitude of acceptance. We have accepted what currently is before trying to change it.

The Open is an opportunity to take a walk outside of the comfort zone.

I guarantee you will be challenged.

I also guarantee you will improve.

At CrossFit Eta, we believe in 1% Better.

The question we ask is, “Did I get 1% Better today?”

If this is your first Open, you will have many points to improve. Maybe you do a movement for the first time. Maybe you PR a lift. Maybe you overcome a mental or emotional road block you have not been able to shake. All of these are improvements.

If you have been in the Open before, you may see a different type of improvement. If a workout is repeated and you do one more rep than last year, then you improved. If you do longer sets of a certain movement, then you improved. If you redo each workout without complaint, then you improved.

The opportunities will be there. Enjoy getting out of your comfort zone. Enjoy the pursuit of 1% Better.

Enjoy Excellence.