What to do when testing is over.

The Open ends this weekend. We have spent four weeks testing workouts previously unknown to us.

And if you haven’t been doing the Open, here is a quick debrief. Every week for five weeks, The CrossFit Games releases a workout on Thursday. The workout is to be completed and judged by Monday. 

The purpose of these workouts is to test our fitness. We compare how we did last year to this year and sometimes over a span of many years. This year, a workout from three years ago was repeated.

So, whether you are in the Open or not, the lesson is the same.

Whenever we test ourselves, we are doing a few things.

First, we are looking for competency. We want to see what we can do. We want to do the things we know we are capable of so we can experience the results of our work.

Second, we are looking for opportunities to improve. When we find something we cannot do, we then know a limit we can extend. When we are challenged to get out of our comfort zone, we find a capability we may not have previously known.

And third, we are establishing the next part of our journey.

Testing really means nothing if we do nothing with the results.

Sometimes, we are the victims of our own attitude.

We either bask in our victories or sulk in our losses for too long and miss out on the opportunity to properly use the testing data.

We can really love how we did but fail to recognize our progress is lost if we simply stop and just attempt to stay the same. 

To quote Zach Even-Esh, “Good enough is the enemy of greatness.”

If we look to highly on our personal accomplishments, we miss out on the benefit of what’s next.

On the other side, we can sulk in our losses and wonder if we will ever improve. 

We all fall victim here. 

We think to ourselves:

“Why can’t I ________?”

“Will this ever improve?”

“Is this even worth it?”

Whenever we get to these questions, we are hung up on our inabilities and are unable to ask how we can improve upon them.

Whether we are looking too highly or too lowly, we are missing the boat.

The goal of testing is to chart our next steps.

As the Open ends, or as you are experiencing some testing in your life, make sure to look at both the highs and lows and ask how you can improve upon them. 

And above all, enjoy the process, because it never ends.