Using Momentum to Change

In the Tour de France, cyclists race through 21 stages all around France. At the start of each stage, the cyclists take off and work to accelerate. Once up to speed, they form groups to maintain speed during the stage. The Peloton is the largest group of cyclists working together. The Peloton uses the momentum of the riders to draft and maintain speed. They use momentum because continually moving takes much less effort than starting and stopping individually.

Have you ever started something in your life and found it much easier to start the next thing?

This is momentum at work.

We have a hard time starting one thing because we have to take ourselves from at rest to work. We have to use much more energy starting the first thing. Once we get started, we do not have to go from at rest to work. We simply change the direction of our work effort.

We see this quite often. When someone decides to make a health change, she starts with one aspect and easily adds the next. She may start with exercise and start making nutrition changes as well. The hard effort of getting into an exercise regimen makes the nutrition regimen easier to start as well.

A couple things are about to change in many people’s lives. It’s called “The New School Year.” Kids have been out for a while. Summer schedules have been the norm, but all is about to change. Kids must get to and from school. They need to get to and from extracurricular activities.

Everything is about to change for parents. The laid back summer calendar will be switched back to the school year routine. Many think this is a hard time to start a health program.

It is actually the best time to make the change.

The work of change is already being done. Adding one more change now will take less effort than when less is going on. Now is the best time to add the change for your health.

This is true at any point in your life. You can make better changes in the midst of other changes than making a change on its own. The snowball always gets bigger if it keeps rolling.

If things are already changing, then use the momentum to make the change for your health.