A sinking tide strands all ships.

You know the saying, “A rising tide lifts all ships.” The idea is when someone or something is elevating, everyone or everything else around it is brought up.

The opposite is also very true.

Humans are very similar in action as the frog is to physically being boiled in a pot. A frog will jump out of a pot if the pot it is dropped into is already boiling. One can put a frog in room temperature water and slowly increase the heat until the frog boils. The frog just thought the temperature was normal, even when it reached fatal temperatures.

We as humans will adopt our surroundings. If our surroundings are full of complaints, negativity, blame-shifting, and a lack of personal responsibility, guess what happens? We start to complain about more. We begin to always see the negative side. We blame things outside of ourselves for our situation. We take less personal responsibility because everything else is the reason we are the way we are.

These changes happen subtly if we are not aware of what is going on. Before long, we become like the environment we are in. We begin to wonder how we got this way. How did we end up with such a poor disposition?

We need to start asking better questions when faced with our disposition.

So, you do not like exercise? Are you hanging out with people who do not like to exercise or think it’s important?

So, you think eating healthy is expensive or hard? Are you hanging out with people who think eating healthy is a lot of effort or unnecessary?

So, you think “once I get my life in order, then I can take care of (insert issue)?” Are you hanging around people who are not proactive about changing their circumstance and would rather just live with “the hand they have been dealt?”

So, you think someone else is causing your problem? Are you hanging out with people who gossip about the negative qualities of others and make you feel better about blaming someone else for how you feel?

So, you think the best way to deal with challenge is to stop trying? Are you hanging out with people who believe when something is challenging, it is “a sign” that it’s not the right thing to do?

So, you think your situation is “the worst” and no one understands you? Are you hanging out with people who like to let you know how their problem is worse than yours and you instinctively try to make your problem sound worse?

We will always move to the level of our environment and thought life. When we think we can overcome a certain environment, we are being egotistical and thinking too highly of our abilities. We are ignoring human tendency.

Instead, we need to adjust our environment to support our desired outcomes.

For our thought life, we need to consume content and have conversations to elevate our mindset.

We need to take responsibility for our lives, so we listen to messages and have conversations that make us look inward for solutions instead of blaming outwardly.

We need to focus on helping and elevating others, so we listen to messages and have conversations to elevate our approach to other people. We learn to help rather than gossip and degrade.

For our environment, we must put ourselves where the change we want to have is already occurring.

Want to lose weight, eat better, build confidence, and experience better health? Go to a gym that emphasizes those things and helps you make them your own.

Want to feel better about your efforts? Go somewhere where your effort is rewarded more than your results.

Too often, we look outward for why we are where we are.

Begin to look inward for how your environment, both physical and mental, are creating the disposition you are experiencing.