Accountability vs. Access

Being able to use something is different from receiving the benefit of something.

When it comes to effectiveness, we have to analyze how we use something in conjunction the results we get.

For example, if we want to know how well a dietary program works, then we need to try it long enough with enough compliance to say whether or not it works.

How would we measure that?

We could look at body fat percentage, weight loss, clothing fit, and general physique changes.

But what makes those changes actually occur?

We can have access to the dietary regimen we need to follow. We could know all of the right foods, meal times, meal quantities, and recipes, but if we cannot utilize the regimen, we will not see the results.

CrossFit Eta is an accountability gym. Every level of membership includes accountability of some sort. None of the memberships are access-only memberships.


Because accountability is what drives results.

Most people do best when their greatest energy is spent on utilizing the program, not coming up with it or having access to it.

When we give our greatest energy to the work towards the change we want, we are much more likely to achieve that change.

This is supremely true for health and fitness. Humans need direction and accountability. Coaching offers both. Access offers neither. 

Maybe you have an access-only gym membership. Most people who tell me they do also tell me they never use it. Why? Because access does not include direction and accountability.

Next time you find yourself at a crossroads, ask yourself if access to a solution or direction and accountability will help you most.

Here’s a hint: direction and accountability will get you there the fastest and help you stay there.