Impressive Women: Danielle Hibbs

CrossFit Eta has a lot of impressive women. This is one of their stories.


When I first talked to Danielle, she had just dropped a rather heavy box on her foot. She contacted us because she knew she needed to make a change for her health. Sadly, she thought her foot would hold her back.

After discussing her options, she decided to get started with 1-on-1 training, so she could get some momentum and train around her injured foot.

After going through her sessions and as her foot improved, Danielle decided she wanted to begin CrossFit classes. She already showed a desire to learn and wanted to begin learning the foundational movements for CrossFit.

Now, Danielle is an air traffic controller. She works a couple back-to-back shifts and does not have a consistent 9-5 schedule. When she first started CrossFit, she focused on getting to the gym two days per week.

Over time, Danielle developed the discipline to get to the gym two days per week. Then she bumped it up to three times per week. Now, we are a little worried if we don’t see her four times per week.

Danielle has seen some great improvements over time. You see the picture above, but until you meet her, you do not see her awesome attitude.

Danielle is committed to the long-term process of improving her health. Each day she is in the gym, she focuses on how she can improve that day. She intently works to improve her movement quality and gives her best effort in each workout.

Many people may have allowed an injured foot to stop progress. Many would allow an awkward work schedule to hinder starting. But not Danielle.

Danielle’s results are due to her decision to commit to the process and build a foundation. Her results have come, and continue to come, because she focuses on the day at hand.

Even more than herself, Danielle is a positive influence on her family. She encouraged her husband and oldest daughter to come to the gym. Her youngest daughter attends the kids class.

Danielle is an impressive woman. She leads through her efforts and is so great to have. CrossFit Eta is better because of her.

Jonathan de Friess