Impressive Women: Jessica Baird

CrossFit Eta has a lot of impressive women. This is one of their stories.


Oh, Jessica. Where to start?

Jessica has been at CrossFit Eta for just over two years after moving to Haslet.

Since starting here, Jessica has been through quite a few circumstances. Between her husband changing jobs, unexpected home repairs, and raising her son, Parker, Jessica has had her hands full for the past two years.

Over time, I have noticed a few characteristics Jessica exemplifies.

First, she is fiercely loyal. When Jessica is committed to a cause, she shows up and supports. She often comes to support other members even when she is not participating herself. She wants to see others succeed and enjoys encouraging them.

Second, she is dedicated to her family. She takes care of the home while her husband is away, takes care of her son, and makes sure her family spends time together. Whenever you are around her, Parker, and Dale together, you notice the close connection they have together.

Jessica, we are grateful to have you here at CrossFit Eta. You definitely add spice to the gym!

Jonathan de Friess