Meet Our Massage Therapist: Natalie Myrick


We recently hired a Licensed Massage Therapist at CrossFit Eta. We chose to bring a massage therapist on our team because it fits well with our gym mission: to help our gym family build long-term health.

Many people know they need to start some sort of fitness regimen. They know it involves effort. They know they have been neglecting their health, especially the aspects they can choose to impact.

We noticed when people start exercising, they start experiencing the result of not exercising. Little aches and pains show up. These aches and pains can be distracting or discouraging. Sometimes, one may question if the exercise is the problem.

The exercise is not the problem. The exercise is exposing the problem.

When the body is subject to inactivity and poor positions, it adjusts by decreasing muscle mass and bone density while adopting to the most common postures. When exercise is reintroduced, the body must adapt to the range of motion and tissue requirements of the exercise. The range of motion and tissue tolerances will be in a declining state at this point.

When the decreased range of motion and atrophied tissues are challenged, the body can get a little irritated from the stress. The irritation, or pain, is an indicator of the current state of the body, not the effect of the exercises used.

How does one deal with this new stress?

I sat down with Natalie Myrick, our massage therapist, and asked here a few questions to help get some answers.

Jonathan: Natalie, what do you think a Licensed Massage Therapist like you can do to best help with the effects of exercise?

Natalie: A Licensed Massage Therapist is a professional who wants to help you rehabilitate and move towards your goals. Whatever the issue or setback is, a massage therapist can help evaluate the issue and work with improving range of motion, decreasing pain, and guiding you back into an active lifestyle.

Jonathan: What interested you about doing massage therapy here?

Natalie: I want to offer insight to how people move and how to improve side-to-side issues and to reduce pain. Also, I want to help new members understand how they are going to feel when they start and understand the difference between exercise stress and pain. A gym of people who are choosing to improve their health is a group of people obviously interested in improving, and I want to work with people who are trying to do just that.

Jonathan: What interested you enough to pursue massage therapy?

Natalie: I had the dream of helping people. Also, as an athlete, I saw how we need to take care of our bodies because we are putting ourselves through so much. As we work out and build ourselves up, we need to make sure we are doing the maintenance work to support our efforts.

I also wanted to help people understand to how to take care of themselves. I wanted to help them feel better and also wanted to educate them on how to do so for themselves.

Jonathan: Tell everyone a unique fact about you.

Natalie: I have broken both of my arms twice.

Natalie is always a student, looking to get better at her craft. Her commitment to excellence is the number one reason I pursued her above all other applications I received.

We are excited to see her grow and to help others improve their issues through massage therapy.

If you know you need to do some maintenance work or need Natalie to evaluate and start working with you, book her at

-Jonathan de Friess