Post 2018 Open Thoughts

Open 18.5 = 12.5 = 11.6

Open 18.5 = 12.5 = 11.6

The Open just finished up this week and I've already heard grumblings of missing it and now what are we supposed to do on Friday nights? We love the Open. It's fun but also challenging. We saw lots of firsts amongst our members and some fantastic performances as well. But some of us were also disappointed. Wishing we could've done more workouts Rx, or wishing we could've had that one skill to allow us to keep going in the workout. While I know everyone had a good time, we always want to be better, myself included. Here are a few of my thoughts on the Open this year personally, and then as it applies to the gym as a whole:

I came into the Open this year highly confident. I was ready to crush anything that Castro threw my way. I had figured him out. I knew every movement and combination of movements there was, I practiced them, and increase all my strength numbers by almost 10% over the last few months. My conditioning improved, and I thought everything would be fine. Going into the Open, if I were to list my top movements I didn't need to worry about, double-unders would've been my first, no-hesitation answer. I then would've probably listed T2B or Rowing next as movement I didn't need to worry about and I'd crush workouts with them in it. Lo and behold, Castro found a way to make me look silly on all these movements relative to my own fitness level. 18.1 was my worst week's finish when it should've been my best best or second best. All the double-unders destroyed me so badly, I didn't even have a chance at a redo on Monday. It may not seem significant to those who still struggle with these movements, but apply this to your current fitness level. The movements I took for granted were the ones I struggled with the most.

So, now what? It's over. We've been tested and now we look towards the rest of the year and how we can be better for 2019. The Open isn't our end-all, but it's a great way to test ourselves year to year. I'm still on the right track, I did better than last year. I filled a bunch of holes I had during last year's Open, but now I have a new list of things to work on. Mine may look differently than yours, in fact, all of our lists of weaknesses should be vastly different.

What does you list look like? What are you going to improve between now and the start of the Open in 2019?

Ok cool. Great list. Now let's get real. What are you going to do about it? Is this your 2nd Open in a row in which you can't do Double-unders? Is this the 3rd time that Chest-to-Bar have been your downfall? What about a muscle-up, how many years in a row have you been racing a tiebreak just to get a few minutes at the end to attempt some muscle-ups?

Don't let another year go by with the same weaknesses. Change your mindset for this year that you are going to attack your weaknesses, not avoid them. I posted on my Instagram story yesterday a photo of the poster in the hallway and highlighted #3, "Take Responsibility." Own your results from the Open this year, and then own your training as we move towards next year.

I'm very, very proud of how everyone did. I take responsibility when I write our daily workouts to give everyone the best chance possible everyday to improve their fitness, so when you guys do well, I keep doing what I'm doing. I'll set you up for success, but you have to come to classes. You have to spend an extra 20 minutes after class working on your double-unders, or your pull-ups. When we do all these Toes-to-Bar drills with hollow holds, planks, rolling over, kip swings, and toes-to-kettlebells, you have to give your best effort there. Not just on 1RM Deadlift day. Apply the same energy and care that you do when we max out a lift to the daily workouts. Hyperfocus on a good hip hinge on the KB Swing instead of just slinging it up there. Do what you need to this year.

And if you need help, ask your coach! Jonathan and I are happy to help during class or Open Gym to guide you in your fitness journey. We have many programs and opportunities large and small from personalized programming, one-on-one training, skill sessions, Open Gym, and even a mini running clinic coming up.

So as you look back on the 2018 Open and forward to next year, find some things to focus on, but more importantly, focus on the things in class. We review and practice all the Open movements regularly. Whether it the warm up, a skill session, Fran, 1 minute on the assault bike, or your middle set of squats, give 100% effort. If you give your highest effort (including nutrition), Jonathan and I can guarantee you will move in the positive direction towards your goals. That's why we do what we do. To see you all improve your fitness.

Take advantage of all the services we offer. Take nothing for granted. And take responsibility of your training.

See you in class,
Coach Mike