The Slippery Slope

If you’ve ever started something new - particularly something difficult - then you have probably experienced the slippery slope, or at least been tempted by it. The slippery slope starts when you are going along, doing your thing, building healthy habits, and then all of a sudden - BAM! Something happens and you miss a day.

Maybe you aren’t able to make it to the gym because something unexpected came up. Or maybe you decide to take a “cheat day” from that diet plan you’ve been following (or CrossFit Eta Nutrition Challenge - wink, wink). Or maybe you decide to stay up way past your bedtime watching your favorite show. Whatever it is, you find yourself deviating from your normal healthy habits, and that is when you become in danger of falling down the slippery slope.

For just about anything in life, it’s ok to miss a day. One day in the grand scheme of things isn’t going to ruin you or the healthy habits that you have built. The danger of the slippery slope is when we allow one day to become two, then three, then four, … The danger of the slippery slope is when we abandon our healthy habits altogether, but fail to notice it because it happens one day at a time.

So how do we avoid the slippery slope? The answer is easy, and it’s one we talk about often: Consistency. Life happens and sometimes we legitimately need to take a day off. But the key to not falling off track with our healthy habits is choosing to get back to it the next day. Don’t let one day off become a new habit of many days off.

So what do you do if you are not where you want to be in your life habits right now? Let go of the past and change the future, starting with today. Everyday is a new day, so regardless of what yesterday held, you can choose to make good decisions for your health today. Give yourself grace for the days that you don’t hit your mark, but regain your focus and start over now. It doesn’t matter how many days you have taken “off”, today is a clean slate and the perfect opportunity to get back to those healthy habits that you once had. Today is the perfect day to get off that slippery slope!