Impressive Women: Tarrah Lott

CrossFit Eta has a lot of impressive women. This is one of their stories.


I first met Tarrah when she came in for her Intro Appointment. I first asked, “how did you find out about us?” Turns out she found out because her friend, Katie, recruited her to join with her. From observation, I understood Katie initiated this CrossFit thing.

When Tarrah started, I never knew exactly how she was feeling because she was always, and still is, easy-going and cheerful. Early on, I would ask her how she was doing or how she felt and she almost always responded, “I’m fine.” Over time, she has become a bit more honest.

Tarrah is a picture of consistency. Since signing up in January of 2017, she has consistently attended the 6am class. She always comes regardless of what the workout is. I know this because she will sometimes say, “I thought about not coming.”

Over time, Tarrah has shown amazing improvement in the gym. Her movement quality, strength, stamina, and abilities have flourished. When you watch her move, it sometimes seems effortless, even when it is something she has never done before.

Tarrah’s attitude is superb. She is very easy to coach and always willing to give one more attempt. Regardless of what she thinks about the workout, she gives great effort.

Tarrah is so great to have at the gym. She is very friendly and easy to connect with. She leads from the front through her effort and attitude. And she is always up for a good laugh.

We are grateful to have you here, Tarrah!

Jonathan de Friess