Nutrition Challenge 101: What Now?

We are just a few days away from finishing up our Nutrition Challenge and that brings up a very important question: What now?!

For many of us, the Nutrition Challenge is a time of stretching ourselves. Most of us, no matter how healthy our habits are on a regular basis, had to make some changes in order to meet the Nutrition Challenge requirements. Now that the challenge is almost over, how do we transition back to "normal life"?

1. Keep up with what worked

Surely you found at least one or two recipes, snacks or substitutions that you liked while on the challenge! Do yourself a favor and keep eating that - whatever that is - instead of switching back to whatever you used to eat. If carrying around a giant water bottle was what got you through the water portion of the challenge, don't put it away! And if you had to say no to one more episode of Netflix each night so that you could get your sleep points in, just do yourself a favor and keep turning the TV (or phone or tablet...) off. Just because the challenge is officially over doesn't mean you have to let your new good habits turn back into your old unhealthy ones.

2. Remember that every little bit counts

Whether it's pushing to get that extra hour of sleep, drinking another cup of water, or eating apples and almond butter instead of a granola bar, every little change you make towards a healthier lifestyle counts! It's the little changes that add up to make a big difference in our health overall. Don't get overwhelmed with the thought that you have to change everything. Just keep making small changes and over time, they will add up! That's the whole mantra behind our 1% Better campaign!

3. Take a look in the mirror

At the end of the day, some of us are going to be disappointed with our results. Maybe it's that we didn't win or that we didn't see the results we were hoping to see. It's easy to want to look outside of ourselves and come up with a million different reasons as to why we didn't succeed. This is the perfect time to take a good look in the mirror.

If you are disappointed with your results from the challenge, I'd like to issue you a new challenge. What can YOU do to change things moving forward? What can YOU do to meet your goals in the future? What can YOU do to see the results you want to see? Ultimately, where you are at in this moment is a result of the decisions that YOU made during the challenge. But that's good news, because the rest of your life will be made up of the decisions YOU make moving forward! Take responsibility for your past. Take responsibility for your future.

4. Don't give up

The Nutrition Challenge is just meant to be a starting point, not a complete life change in 29 days... Don't give up on the process of moving towards a healthier life overall. It's one small step at a time, but you'll get there!

5. For those who want more

If you know you need more precise help or need help finding where to put your effort, then you are an excellent candidate for Nutrition Coaching. If this is something you know needs to change, now is the time. Get in touch with us and let us know so we can take the momentum forward.

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