Why Coaching Matters

Everyone has tried to do something about their health and fitness. Everyone has at the very least thought about making a change, whether it is activity, nutrition, sleep, or lifestyle. And these changes are attempted with the best of intentions.

Continuing in the process of change, however, requires much more than the best of intentions. A process requires a long-term commitment and a willingness to continue regardless of motivation levels.

We usually get started because something motivates us. We see an ad, we hear a testimonial, or we watch an amazing video about drastic change. We witness these things and see ourselves in the shoes of the one who made the change. 

This is great. This means we see change as a possibility. This means we have hope.

But what happens when we start the process, but do not stick with it? Truthfully, we end up finding another process to start, and another. 

Enter coaching. Coaching is way more than someone telling us what to do. Coaching is someone coming alongside of us so we can continue through the process. We, more times than not, will do much better when someone is with us.

So if someone walking alongside you helps you stay in the process of change and helps you get to where you are going, how much is that worth?

For starters, it saves a lot of time. Rather than attempting many things, a coach can help stick to one process consistently over time.

Also, it saves a lot of energy. A coach helps create and guide the process through his or her expertise. The burden of making the path is removed, and all there is left to do is take the daily step provided by the coach.

Most of all, it saves a lot of doubt. Coaches love what they do, and they love helping those under their care towards their goals. A great coach is trustworthy and will give thoughtful and practical guidance when asked. This guidance can keep effort consistent and help break down the barrier of doubt.

By saving time, energy, and doubt, the process becomes much more direct and effective. And if coaching does this, then coaching is quite valuable. And it matters. Coaching is the difference between good and great.