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Derek Todd

"A few months ago I started training at CrossFit Eta. I had recently moved to the area and was simply looking for a place to work out. I was a little uncertain how I would like CrossFit as I had spent the last few years working out on my own, primarily in a standard 24-hour fitness center. What I quickly realized was that I really enjoyed coming to CrossFit Eta not only because of the workouts, but the people.

Coaches Mike and Jon have helped me get acclimated to the workouts and terminology while setting me up with the foundations needed to get stronger, both mentally and physically. They encourage me to perform the workouts as prescribed when they know I can do it, but are also keen to provide the appropriate scaling when the weight is a little too much or the proper (safer) technique suffers. In the short time I have been a member here I have already gotten stronger as well as improved my technique and conditioning.

Not only have the coaches been extremely supportive, but the other members have as well. The people here are what make up the "personality" of CrossFit Eta. The support and friendly competition with other members helps drive my desire to get stronger, not necessarily to best their time or weight, but to improve over my own personal bests. I look forward to the coming months with the team at CrossFit Eta."

Mark Mueller

"I joined CrossFit Eta to get into shape for my 30th wedding anniversary.

I kept coming because of the competitive nature, the camaraderie, plus I’ve lost over 10 pounds.I move and feel better and I enjoyed the challenge of the CrossFit Open.

No matter what level of fitness you have, Jonathan and Mike will work with you to improve and set goals.
After less than a year I am lifting more weight and setting goals in areas I didn’t even know of this time last year.

Give it a try! You may just find yourself a changed person."

Valerie Cameron

Valerie has been with us since January of 2017. She has a dense travel schedule but still makes time to come train. She utilizes Personal training about twice per month on top of coming to CrossFit classes during the week when she is in town. The combination of working with her specific needs in personal training and the workouts in group classes have carried her a considerable way in four short months. Her is her story:

"My CrossFit journey started like many others. I was unhappy and couldn't get up off the floor without rolling over onto all fours. After seeing my friend's results at CrossFit Eta, I decided to give it a try. From the moment I walked in, CrossFit Eta was more than a gym. It was a community and my new family. I took advantage of the personal training sessions. The one-on-one attention was great in helping me with correcting issues from old injuries. It also allowed me to become comfortable in a new environment prior to jumping into a class. I cannot thank Jonathan and Mike for all of their patience and dedication to my personal success. Advice to others: give it a try. It is definitely more than what you may think you know and you will not find a better support system for helping you achieve your goals."

Jordan Hamill


My name is Jordan Hamill. I'd like to consider myself an "intermediate athlete" and have been doing CrossFit for about 3 years. My first year I trained completely on my own (because I was overseas). My second year I traveled abroad and worked out at several different CrossFit boxes in my travels.  When I moved to Texas last year, I knew I had to find a new box so the search began. I visited every single CrossFit box from where my house is (Justin) to where I work (Southlake). When I found CrossFit Eta, I knew it was one that aligned with my personal goals, mentality, and what I was looking for in a gym. 

What do you get from CrossFit Eta? First and foremost is the top notch exercise programming and coaching. My primary goal is to get stronger and faster. Period. I have already hit goals in 3 months at Eta that I have been working on my entire CrossFit journey. Secondly, it's the environment. I like being around like minded individuals wanting to better themselves and see how far they can dig deep to achieve something. Be it the next rep or another pound on the bar. The camaraderie and friendships I am gaining will last a lifetime.    

One thing that has really separated this box to others is the extra step the coaches have taken to not only help me achieve my goals but feel better doing them. I have struggled with back pain for years as well as the usual pain from daily WODs. I thought this was something you just dealt with. This is not the case. Since starting at Eta 3 months ago I am almost completely back pain free and my muscle pains from WODs have greatly reduced. They have done this by movement assessments and concentrated stretching. If I have a twinge or onset of pain all I do is bring it up to the coaches attention. Crossfit Eta not only focuses on getting you strong but keeping you healthy. From nutritional advice to positive mental reinforcement, This is where you should be training. 

Sarah Miller

"To be honest, most days I question my sanity due to the fact that I actually pay money to beat myself up. But then I remember that feeling you get when you lay on the ground, drenched in sweat, your lungs gasping for a full breath of air and you realize, wow.... I just kicked that WOD in the butt!

I have been to 5 different boxes in the North Fort Worth area and I can say with confidence that I have never felt so at home like I do at CrossFit Eta. This past summer I decided to start looking for a new place to train because I wasn't succeeding like I had envisioned. I didn't really know what I was looking for when I started trying new boxes, but the first time I stepped foot in Eta I knew I had found it.

Coach Jonathan and Coach Mike are both wonderful individuals, coaches, and athletes. I have never felt so included, encouraged, and at home like I do here. Starting at CrossFit Eta in June 2016, I have progressed so much more than I expected in such a short amount of time. At other boxes when I would watch other athletes do things like handstand push-ups or climb the rope I would think to myself "Dang, I wish I could do that!"  Well, turns out I could, all I needed was someone to teach me how.

When I say Mike and Jonathan will encourage you to hit your goals, I mean it. They get to know you one on one and make it a point to specifically scale the workout to your needs every single day. I have never experienced such personable and knowledgeable coaching that is the perfect mixture of safety and strength.

I am nowhere near where I would like to be in my fitness journey, but I am at a great start. I have committed myself to grow in my long term health and fitness and I know I am in good hands at Eta. There is something about the bond that happens between people who literally "suffer" together, something about cheering on the person next to you as you're competing against them.
Here at CrossFit Eta, you receive more than the traditional workout when going to anytime fitness or 24 hour, you receive incredible programming that makes you stronger when you don't even realize it and genuine encouragement. I have learned to love my body; it is capable of some pretty amazing things that I never knew were possible. Here at Eta you are a part of a family, and I am forever grateful for that!

Lift heavy, be happy!"

Ryan Isbell


“I can’t say enough good about CrossFit Eta! I have always wanted to try CrossFit but all I heard were horror stories about someone that knew someone that knew someone else that got hurt because they didn’t really know what they were doing and didn’t get proper training about form in order to do the movements correctly. Happy to say that is NOT the case at CrossFit Eta!

Coach Jonathan and Coach Mike truly care about every single person that comes through their doors and they are not going to let you get hurt. Also, there is ample time and coaching given to learning the movements before you ever start to lift any weight. Safety to me is my #1 priority and I truly trust these guys. As a matter of fact, I trust them so much my wife and 11 year old daughter train here. My hope is as my younger two daughters get older they will train here as well.

Happy to say that after a few months I can see and feel a change. I get asked about how much weight I have lost because my clothes fit so much better but the thing is I have actually gained 10 pounds but I look leaner. Also, after a few months I was able to deadlift 425 lbs and box squat 405 lbs and have even been able to get in a couple Rx workouts.

Whether you are a seasoned CrossFitter or have no idea what it is, this is the place for you. I couldn’t be happier here and highly recommend this gym to anyone and everyone. CrossFit Eta has allowed me to put the wheels in motion to create a much healthier future not only myself but also for my family.”

Steve Wyres


“After being out of fitness activities for many years, I was looking for something that was different from the standard Gym Membership/Machine Routine. Coming into CrossFit, I was excited about the whole body workout approach and the fact that I would get introduced to many exercises that I’ve never done.

The Foundations classes helped lay the groundwork for proper form and understanding of all the movements. After only 6 weeks, I’ve seen great improvement in my balance and strength, and I’m finally feeling like I am truly getting “Fit.”

I’ve also struggled with right knee and left arm pain. My arm pain is now gone and my knee feels great.”