Michelle Hodges


Although my CrossFit story does not begin at CrossFit Eta, it certainly continues here, and I am living, breathing, continually-improving proof that ANYONE can do CrossFit.  It may not look the same for all of us, but the principles, the undeniable benefits, and the camaraderie are applicable to everyone at any skill level.  I just passed the three-year mark of my continuing CrossFit journey, and I have had the pleasure of spending the last ten months at CrossFit Eta with Coach Jonathan, Coach Mike, and the rest of my amazing, encouraging, and energetic Eta family.  

I do not come from an “athletic background.”  I never really played sports, never enjoyed working out, and certainly never made my health or fitness a priority until my sister dragged me to my first WOD in June of 2014.  Little did I know the basic bodyweight workout I almost begrudgingly did that day would be the start of an entirely new chapter of my life.  After that introduction to CrossFit, I joined a box and attended two days a week.  I was afraid to commit because I was not sure I could do all the things I saw others doing, and I certainly didn’t know if it was something I could stick with long-term.  After just one month, I shaved almost two and a half minutes off my time when I repeated that very first WOD.  At that point, I was hooked!! I currently attend four to five classes a week at Eta, and just in the last ten months I have seen objective and measurable improvements in all my lifts, my metabolic capacity, my endurance, as well as growth in both the variety and efficiency of my skills.  Even though those improvements have been encouraging, the growth around the area of nutrition has held the most exciting changes for me.  

After doing my first Whole Life Challenge in 2015, I realized how drastically diet affects training. I continued to eat well, but it wasn’t until I received some nutrition coaching from Mike and Jonathan that I REALLY saw differences in my training, my appearance, and the way I felt in general.  This is just one of the many, many ways that these incredible coaches use their knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm to truly inspire us, their clients, to set and achieve goals and to push our limits. 

The culture of CrossFit Eta is something that these two extraordinary men have worked hard to create.  Their commitment to safety, their intense yet achievable programming, and their obvious dedication to both the sport and to their members is profoundly unique in my experience.  Through the sport, and through this box specifically, I have grown in knowledge, confidence, as an athlete, and as a person.  I am so grateful to have found my Eta family.  Had you told me three years ago I would be where I find myself today, I would not have believed you, yet here I am, striving daily to “Become Better.”