Our Story

Mike and I started doing CrossFit in college because we loved the intensity and competition. We talked about what our affiliate would be like if we had one, not thinking too far into the future. Mike graduated and I continued in my last year of school. During that time, we still talked about owning an affiliate, but in a much more serious manner.

I believe we were more serious because we knew the benefits of CrossFit: improved health, longer life expectancy, resiliency, mental fortitude, decreased disease, reduced pain. We knew it worked and we wanted to help people get better. At first, we thought better in terms of performance. Over time, and now, we think better in terms of health. We help people become better through CrossFit.

If you are interested in learning more, come for a No-Sweat Intro. There is no pressure to sign up. We want to get to know you and do a short assessment to see how you move. It is fun and informational, plus we love to meet new people.

Jonathan de Friess

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