Our Team

Jonathan de Friess

Jonathan began doing CrossFit in 2012 after watching the CrossFit Games. He checked out the CrossFit main site, found the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer’s manual online, and went from there. Jonathan enjoys learning about human movement and using assessment to fix imbalances and weaknesses. For Jonathan, CrossFit is integral for his overall health, not just physical, and he believes that CrossFit can catalyze changes in all areas of life.

Favorite Workout: Helen

Least Favorite Workout: Kelly

Mike Wilson

Mike started doing CrossFit about 5 years ago when a friend challenged him to the workout and he has been hooked ever since. With a Bachelor of Science from Oral Roberts University in Mechanical Engineering, Mike applies his science and engineering background to human movement and mechanics. When he’s not coaching or working out, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife, Christine, and their dogs, Callie Mae and Winnie Mae.

Favorite Workout: CrossFit Linchpin Test #3

Least Favorite Workout: Karen

What is CrossFit Eta?

Eta is the 7th letter in the Greek Alphabet and is often used to represent the coefficient of efficiency in mechanical engineering. We want to help you become efficient: we want to you to be able to do what you want to do without restriction. Efficiency allows you to do the most work with least amount of effort. As you build your fitness, you build resistance to disease and injury, making you more efficient in life. You no longer have to gauge what you are able to do by restriction. You choose what you can do based on ability. This is the #mEtabolic lifestyle, the one we want for you.

To do this, we use CrossFit. Defined as constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity, CrossFit is an ever growing and evolving fitness methodology designed to optimize your fitness. In one hour classes comprised of movements ranging from weightlifting, gymnastics, conditioning, powerlifting, strongman, and overall GPP (general physical preparedness), we teach you safe movement, consistent movement, and efficient movement. By constantly varying our workouts with these functional movements, we optimize your ability to adapt to any circumstances whether in or outside the gym. Once you have learned safe and consistent movement patterns, we then push you to maximum intensity to help you reach your true fitness potential.


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