At CrossFit Eta, we believe in family.

All programs and efforts at CrossFit Eta are designed to create a family-friendly atmosphere based on values and results.

Change occurs best within a group moving in a singular direction. By joining CrossFit Eta, you are becoming a part of a family moving towards better health and improved quality of life.

If you know you need to change, join a family that brings you on mission with them and helps you enjoy the process,

We Will Always

  1. Put first things first

  2. Keep our word

  3. Take responsibility

  4. Be consistent

  5. Develop discipline

  6. Embrace change

  7. Show kindness

  8. Build up others

  9. Challenge limitations

  10. Do the hard thing

These 10 Statements define the Character we strive to show.

What is CrossFit Eta?

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Eta is the 7th letter in the Greek Alphabet and is often used to represent the coefficient of efficiency in mechanical engineering. We want to help you become efficient: we want to you to be able to do what you want to do without restriction. Efficiency allows you to do the most work with least amount of effort. As you build your fitness, you build resistance to disease and injury, making you more efficient in life. You no longer have to gauge what you are able to do by restriction. You choose what you can do based on ability. This is the #mEtabolic lifestyle, the one we want for you.

To do this, we use CrossFit. Defined as constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity, CrossFit is an ever growing and evolving fitness methodology designed to optimize your fitness. In one hour classes comprised of movements ranging from weightlifting, gymnastics, conditioning, powerlifting, strongman, and overall GPP (general physical preparedness), we teach you safe movement, consistent movement, and efficient movement. By constantly varying our workouts with these functional movements, we optimize your ability to adapt to any circumstances whether in or outside the gym. Once you have learned safe and consistent movement patterns, we then push you to maximum intensity to help you reach your true fitness potential.