Saturday - 1/14/2017

Check out the first announcement from 2016 where Dave Castro drops a BOMB with a new movement that's never been seen in the Open! Watch two Games athletes compete head to head alongside two "regular" CrossFit gym members and see how the Open is designed so that anyone, no matter the skill level, can do the Open.

Don't forget that the sign-up for this year opened up on Thursday! Click here to register.


Warm Up:

Junkyard Dog

10m Lunge + Squat

8 Burpees

10m Front Rack Lunge (45/35) (Lunge, no weight)

4 Pull-ups (8 Ring Rows)

10m OH Lunge (45/35) (Front Rack, 4/35)

8 Burpees

10m OH Lunge (95/65) (Front Rack, 45/35)

4 C2B (4 Jumping Pull-ups)


Metcon: CrossFit Open 16.1

20 min AMRAP

25 ft. OH Walking Lunge (95/65) (Front Rack, 45/35)

8 Bar Facing Burpees

25 ft. OH Walking Lunge (95/65) (Front Rack, 45/35)

8 C2B (Jumping Pull-ups)



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