Monday - 1/16/2017

Warm Up:

30 DUs (3:1)

In Rounds:

15-12-9 Sit-ups

5-4-3 HSPU (strict if able)

5-4-3 Pull-ups (strict if able)


Skill: Handstand Push-ups & Toes to Bar

HSPU - 1xME set, 1 attempt*

*If more than 2 ABMATs are needed, est. 1xME set of Unbroken Push-ups (knees if needed), may not rest at bottom of push-up, only rest allowed is at arms full extension.

T2B - 1xME set, 1 attempt**

**If unable to achieve 1 T2B, perform K2E. If unable to perform 1 K2E, perform hanging knee raises.


Skills WOD: 8 min EMOM

Odd: 50% of ME set, HSPU*

*If more than 2 ABMATs are needed, perform 8 difficult Box HSPUs

Even: 50% of ME set, T2B**

**Scale to K2E or HKR dependent upon previous ME set


Metcon: 4 RFT

5 Strict Pull-ups (Racked Barbell Seated Pull-ups + Controlled Eccentric)

10 Deadlift (225/155) (185/125)

30 DUs (3:1 Single-unders)