Saturday - 4/29/2017

Warm Up:

10m each:


-Bear Crawl

-High Knee Pull

-High Knee Skip

-High Knees

-Leg Pull

-Butt Kickers

-Karaoke w/ high knee kick

-Karaoke w/ high knee kick, other direction

10 Squats

10 Wall Balls


Metcon: 20 min AMRAP - 3 person team

Person A: 400m Run

Person B: Wall Balls (20/14)

Person C: Cal Row

*Switch positions every time someone gets back from the 400m run. Score is total reps completed by all 3 members (400m Run = 20 reps)

**WOD credit to Jordan Hamill and his collection of "WODs to Suck at"