Thursday - 4/6/2017

Warm Up:

15 Burpees to 6" Target

Banded Shoulder Activation (focus on activating lats)

10 Push-ups

Eta Shoulder Protocol (focus on activating pecs)

10 Floor Press, empty barbell

Discuss Triphasic Training w/ relation to Bench Press


Strength: Bench Press - ECC 1

5x4 @55-65% at 7-1-x-1 Tempo


Skill: Toes to Bar

Athlete's Choice of:

A: 3 sets of 10

B: 4 sets of 7

C: 5 sets of 5

D: 6 sets of 3


Scaled: Same numbers, Hanging Knee Raises

*Goal is PERFECT and fluid form, not just for completion or a score.